Albany Student Television is run by an executive board - headed by the President and Vice President. The board is appointed at the discretion of the President and Vice President. Associate Directors and their staffs work with the Director and Assistant Director for the operational and logistical front of ATV, whereas Executive Producers develop content for programming.

Frankie Contreras, President of Albany Student Television
Nnenna Ferguson
, Vice President of Albany Student Television

Frank Sainato
, Associate Director for New Productions
Francesco Sainato, an Albany native, is a senior at the University at Albany studying journalism, philosophy and political science. Currently the associate director of new productions, Mr. Sainato is a veteran member of ATV who started as a field reporter for ‘ATV360’ and went on to create ‘You Had to Have Been There,’ a show he co-produced with his friend Leigh McEntire. In addition to helping secure new programming for ATV, Mr. Sainato serves as an executive committee member of the SUNY Student Assembly as the associate director of video marketing. He has been published by the Albany Student Press and the UAlbany Sentinel, and has tweeted on behalf of the Knickerbocker Ledger, Tim Nichols' assembly campaign and District Attorney David Soares. He's also held a part-time position at TGI Friday's since his senior year of high school. This semester he is interning at WMHT, working on the two-time New York State Emmy-nominated program, ‘New York NOW.’ You can find him on Twitter at @FrankSainato, or by simply clicking the ‘Watch Now’ tab above!

Nick Creegan
, Associate Director for Public Relations

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Elyssa Aquino
, Associate Director for Photography

My name is Elyssa Aquino, currently the Associate Director for Photography. I was eighteen years old when I transfered to this school, leaving behind my beloved friends and family in pursuit for a better education. Photography and Media have always been a passion of mine since I was a child growing up in Bronx New York. Being in the University at Albany enabled me to jump right into this organization with excitement! I participated on debate shows, edited videos, hosted shows, and now am a proud E-Board member. Constantly being motivated to take advantage of every opportunity in Albany Student Television was the key to my success.

Roger Osorio
, Associate Director for Finances

See Bio.

Kevin Schordine
, Associate Director for Digital Communications

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Greg Diamond
, Executive Producer for ATV 360 Weather

Greg Diamond is currently a senior Atmospheric Science major with a Mathematics minor. He has had a passion for weather for as long as he can remember and used to watch the Weather Channel all the time as a kid. Upon graduating he plans on attempting to become an on air TV meteorologist and if that doesn't work, attend graduate school.

Samantha Potter
, Executive Producer for ATV 360

My name is Samantha Potter and I am currently a Junior here at UAlbany. I am a political science major and a journalism minor. I have been with ATV since my freshman year. I started working behind the scenes as a camera man on ATV360 my first semester and then made my way on camera my second semester. I worked on UA Overtime as the first female debater for the show. My sophomore year I went back to ATV 360 as a debater and joined the broadcast news program. I then became an assistant producer of ATV360 and continued to stay in the BNP program. I am now co-director of ATV360 and am an executive producer of ATV. I am excited to take this new step in ATV and cant wait for a great semester!

Kailey McGarvey, Executive Producer for ChitChat

A senior here at the university, Kailey is a double major in Communication and English. She enjoys every part of producing Chitchat, from working with the people to editing the show. She is also proud to be a Field Reporter for ATV, an intense and exciting experience. She loves being a part of ATV and is grateful for everything it has taught her! She is excited to continue learning and gaining experience, and to see what the future will bring.

Ashley Steinberg
, Executive Producer for ChitChat

Ashley Steinberg is currently a Senior at the University at Albany. She is a Communications major and an English minor. Ashley is working for ATV as the co-executive producer of ChitChat, a talk show similar to The View with college-related topics. She gained amazing multicultural insight while studying abroad in London last semester. After graduating, she hopes to work for E! or ABC because of her love for anything involving television and entertainment.

Nikoleta Papa
, Executive Producer for SUNY Style & Date My Roommate

Nikoleta Papa is a junior student at the University at Albany double majoring in Communications and Linguistics and minoring in English. She started working on SUNY Style as a freshman and has been Executive Producer of the show for 4 semesters. This is her first semester working on Date My Roommate and she is loving it! Nikoleta's passions include dancing and working hard. She is a Student Assistant in the State Quad office and she teaches Belly Dance at a dance studio off campus. She is also part of the University Honors College and A Presidential Scholar.

Jordan Roberts
, Executive Producer for After Hours with Jordan Roberts

In his final year here at SUNY, Jordan Roberts is the the host and co-executive producer of the new installment and self titled "After Hours with Jordan Roberts."
Born and raised in the Bronx, NY 22-year-old Jordan has always had a passion of working in the entertainment industry. Although he does on-camera work, his passion lies within screenwriting. He aspires to one day write and produce his own tv series. He currently writes for an independent magazine, No Labelz.
Jordan is also one of the Public Relations Coordinators for ATV.

Chante Coppedge, Executive Producer for UAF: UAlbany in Focus

Karley Giles, Executive Producer for UAF: UAlbany in Focus

I'm am a senior majoring Communications and minoring in Journalism. This is my first semester as co-executive producer of UAlbany in Focus (UAF). Last year i was a cast member on UAF as well as the un-continued show Minority Report. I wish to pursue a career in broadcast after graduation and hope the experience from ATV will help get me there.

Keri Daley
, Executive Producer for Dorm Room Dining

See Bio.

Spencer Pesce
, Executive Producer for UA Overtime

See Bio.

Vick Weberman
, Executive Producer for UA Overtime

See Bio.

Jeremy Wallace
, Executive Producer for Far From It

See Bio.

Soraya Evans
, Executive Producer for The Commons

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Samantha Potter
, Director of the Broadcast News Program

Kailey McGarvey
, Director for the Field Reporting Program

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